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The Father of Thomas Jordan the "Quaker"1475 viewsThomas was born in Wiltshire, England around 1600. He came to Virginia in 1623, on the ship Diana. Thomas served as a soldier under Sir George Yardley, early Governor of Virginia, and was in the Virginia House of Burgesses from 1629-1632 representing Charles City. On July 2, 1633, he received a land grant consisting of 900 acres near the head of the Warrasquioake River. This plantation was called Ware Neck, and it was located in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. He also acquired land in Nansemond County. Thomas evidently prospered as a tobacco planter. Thomas and his wife, Corker, Lucy b: Abt 1600, had, five children, Richard, Thomas, Jordan, Margaret b: Abt 1642, Matthew and Joseph.
Thomas's son Samuel Jordan and wife Elizabeth Fleming287 viewsThomas came on the ship "Diana" and is recorded as being a soldier under Sir George Yeardly. His son, Thomas Jordan, II (1634-1699) lived in Chuckatuck in Nansemond County, Virginia. He had ten sons, Thomas III, John, James, Robert, Joseph, Benjamin, Matthew, Samuel, Joshua and Richard.

Samuel Jordan (1679-1760), son of Thomas Jordan, II and Margaret Brasseur, married Elizabeth Fleming, daughter of Colonel Fleming of Kent County. They became the parents of Robert Jordan (b. 1717) who married Mary, last name possibly Pleasants. Two other sons born to Samuel and Elizabeth Fleming Jordan were Samuel Jordan, II and Matthew.
THOMAS JORDAN married MARGARET BRASSIER March 23, 1658230 views THOMAS JORDAN married MARGARET BRASSIER March 23, 1658 in Isle of Wight Co., VA,
daughter of ROBERT BRASSIEUR and FLORENCE. She was born July 1642 in
Nansemond Co., VA, and died October 07, 1708 in Nansemond Co., VA.
Thomas Jordan, Jr became a devout Quaker in 1660 after his marriage and
were severely persecuted by other religious sects (See records of Lower VA
Meetings of Society ,also Nansemond Chronicles 1606-1800. They were fined
repeatedly for non payment of Priest's Dues ) He was a Burgess of
Nansemond Co., VA
xi. SAMUELJORDAN, b. February 15, 1678/79, Namseond Co., VA; d. Bef. June
11, 1719, New Kent Co., VA.
A memorial tribute to Margrett Jordan by her son195 viewsA memorial tribute to Margrett, written by her son, reads as follows:
Margaret Jordan, the daughter of Robert Brasseur, was born the 7th month in the year 1642 and was convinced of the Truth about 16 years of age, from which time she served an exemplary life in all he rconversation until the day of her death and was a sufferer with my father both by confinement and the spoiling of their goods by the Adversaries of theTruth. She was a good wife and also a kind neighbor. About 63 years of age she was taken with a disposition of the body which continued near three years in which time she was much weakened. A little before her death some friends came to see her to whom she signified her content and spake much of the goodness of God to her. At 6 oclock at night she died in remarkable quietness the seventh of the tenth month inthe year 1708 having lived about 66 years and survived my father about 9 years lacking 18 hours and was buried the 11th day of the afore said month.
Thomas Jordan the "Quaker" # 1294 viewsThe first Jordan to be born on this continent was Thomas Jordan who was born in 1634.

Thomas was quite a free thinker, and was the first of a number of Jordans that broke from the path that they had been set upon by their forbearers. It can be said that lust was probably the cause of his straying as he married the 18 year old Quaker Margaret Brashare in 1659 or 1660. She was a very strong willed young woman who had become a Quaker in 1658. Apparent she thoroughly warped Thomas around her finger, luring him away from the religion of his father and setting him on a path that was very different in almost every way from that of his contemporaries.

The conversion of Thomas to Quakerism was to influence the family for many years. Because of his connections back in England he was able to give the Virginia Quakers some protection from the Puritan authorities who were supported by his father. Thomas was also somewhat of a martyr that suffered for his beliefs, as can be seen in the following account:
Thomas Jordan the "Quaker" # 2268 views>From "Quaker Genealogy - Virginia" by Hinshaw the following is written concerning Thomas and Margaret.

"We would also speak especially of Thomas Jordan of Chuckatuck and his wife , Margaret Brashare. The latter is one of the first known convert to Quackerism in the Virginia Colony, for her son says sshe became a Quackeress when she was about sixteen in the year 1658. Her husband, Thomas Jordan, was probably influnced by her example for the record says that "in ye yeare 1660 hee received ye truth and Abode faithful in it". This conversion came shortly after his marriage. They became the parents of ten sons and the forebearers of a large and distinguished family, many of whom were most servicible to the Society as leaders and ministers. Thomas Jordan was probably the most influencial Quaker of lower Virginia being a man of position and substance. But in spite of this he suffered greatly for his faith. He lists these trials in a paper found in the Chuckatuck record. He says:
Thomas Jordan the "Quaker" #3145 views(I suffered first) "by six weeks Imprisonment for being Taken att a meeting in my owne house & Released by the King's Proclamation. (2 Iy.) Taken by a meeting at Robt. Lawrence's & bounde over to the Court of Nansemond for Refusing to swear according to their wills and agt. the Command of Christ; was sent up to James town a Prisoner Upwards of Tem months. Presently after John Blake tooke Away my three servants and left my wife in a Distressed Condition with a young child sucking at her breasts that (to?) help herself the child did hurt itt selfe with Crying. The servants were kept about nine weeks and then returned by the GoveMor's order. (3rd) -Taken by distress by John Blake high sheriff of Nansemond County, two feather beds and three feather bolsters & furniture to them, with other goods which did amount to 3907 Pounds of Tabacco & also a servant man that had three years to serve. (4th) -Taken by John Blake & by distress by Thomas Godwin, sheriff, ten head of cattle and delivered to William Stinton of James Towne. The suffering of these Goods did mount to 3907 (pounds) by apraisment. The servant - 1800; in all 5607 the chattles I have no account of. Signed-Thomas Jordan, Chuckatuck first day of ye 7 mo. 1661"
Thomas Jordan the "Quaker" # 4127 viewsI give this account in full not only of Thomas Jordan's personal sacrifices but also as an illustration of the types of persecution these early Quakers underwent in this country. Thomas Jordan was unusual only in that he was among those who were freed from prison by the King's command. His wife suffered with him, for one of the ten sons says of his mother, "shee lived an exemplary life . . . until the day of her death and she was a sufferer with my father both by Confinment & alsoe the spoiling of their Goods by the Adversaries of Truth (and) for the excercise of their conscience in the worship of God".

Thomas Jordan the "Quaker" # 592 viewsThe fact that Thomas was freed from prison by the kings command is an indication that the Jordans still had influence back in England. It was also likely due to the influence of his father and the fact that the Jordans owned quite a bit of property in Nansemond county. It should also be remembered that Thomas was also very talented, and one of the few educated people in the colony. It is very likely that he had been sent to England to be educated and could have had his own influential friends that would have aided him with the king.

The fact that Thomas was fairly well educated is illustrated by the following which was written by Thomas Jordan in 1678 and involves some sort of rebellion in the Quaker ranks that he felt had gotten out of hand. From this short piece it can be seen that Thomas had a way with words, had an excellent vocabulary, and was capable of poetry. We also get the idea that he was a good and through thinker and had an inordinate ability to come to appropriate conclusions. Try reading the following several times and I think you will see that it is quite nice. The following is from The Valentine Papers.
Thomas Jordan the "Quaker" # 687 viewsMy dear friends, This is a subtill spirit that Under Pretence of Leading out of all formallities Into a greater show of Holyness hath crept in amoungst Us, and hath Laboured by its instruments to Gett a position in ye hearts of many honest hearts who were traveling in ye way of truth & wrighteousness in ye Innocency of their hearts. The work of this Subtill Spirt is to Leade from ye Cross of Christ ye which is ye power of God Unto Salvation And to disunite & deride ye flock of God and to leade them back againe into those things that Gods Ever Lasting truth hath Lead them out of. Their testimony hath bin againest all forms & desires ye true form of Godlyness being covered in prayers to allmighty god calling it their Liberty & freedom And opposing friends, mens & womens meetings Sett up by ye Servants of ye Lord now in this our day as it was in ye Primative times - ah my friends this Spirit I once gave Entertainment to and for some time harbored in my bosom and with it did oppose those ye servants of ye Lord whose Eye was Ceptopen to ye Lord & did Espie it and testified againest it that its worke would be to make desolate those yt were Led by it and this I can witness to be truly woefull Experience for my Light became darkness & A vaill came over ye Living sense of truth in me Untill my feete had allmost quite Spit out of the wayof truth & Righteousness.
Thomas Jordan the "Quaker" # 7125 views But forever blessed & praysed be ye Name of ye Everlasting God of truth and Rightousness who out of his mercy tender pity & Loving kindness to me did open my Eye and Unvaill my understanding againe and gave me to see ye dry & barren places that this Subtill Spirit was Leading me to where there is no fraight (fruit?) brought forth Unto God nor pasture to feed in but was as a sheep goon astray wth out a Sheppe or as a bird cott in a snaire. Oh My dear friends give no Entertainment to this Spiritin yor one bosoms nor bid it God speed for I do believe yt it hath don more hurte in this Land then outward persecution could doe, wharefore my friend I bitterly condemn and one of my condemnations for Entertaining of it, and I pray God yt he will hence forth keepe me & preserve me in his forever blessed truth Unto ye Ende of my dayes is the desire of my Soule. Thomas Jordan, 5th day 12thmo. 1678. (Record of Lower Virginia Meeting.)

In a somewhat lighter vain, the following letter from Thomas to the Quakers in London in 1697, two years before his death is recorded from the William and Mary Quarterly. This was written after the perecution of the Quakers had eased in the colony, and Thomas had been elected to the House of Burgess for Namsemond County, being the third Jordan to belong to the House of Burgess. The man was somewhat of a rough poet
Thomas Jordan the "Quaker" # 877 views"From the Quarterly meeting in Virginia the 11th 1 mo. 1696/7. To the yearly meeting friends in London.

Dear Friends and Brethren we Greet you well in the Truth of our Lord Jesus Christ at this present writing hereof blessed be the name of our God forever, who hath kept and preserved a Remnant of us to this day and hath given us Dominion over false and Deceiptfull Spirits that hath laboured to creep in amongst us to do us hurt and spoile our meetings, but blessed be the name of our God we have our Meetings in Peace in these parts, and in all other parts of Virginia as we understand by our well beloved Travelling Friends James Dickinson and Jacob Fallowfield who hath visited most of the meetings in Virginia, Maryland, Pensilvania and Carolina, who can give you an accot of the Prosperity of The Blessed Truth amongst Friends in General better than we can, Dear friends we Received all your yearly meeting Papers from the year 86 to the date of 94 - except 88 and 93 wch we did not receive, nor we have not Received any yearly meeting Papers from you since 94. We hope you will not forget us nor pass us by as unworthy of your Remembrance because we have neglected to write unto you as other meeting have done from other Countrys -
Thomas Jordan the "Quaker" # 975 views Dear friends we have been informed that there doth belong to our Quarterly meeting one of Dear George Fox's Journals given as a Legacy by him, if you please to send it us we pray you let it have Wm Penns Preface in it as that had wch Edward Haistewell sent to friends in the upper part of Virginia as a Token of his love to them the last year - we do also acknowledge Edwaen Haistewells love and kindness to us in sending a Parcell of Good friends Books to be delivered amongst Friends here, the wch were very serviceable to all people that are seekers after the Blessed Truth to whom is our Love in General. Dear friends we have here sent you an Account of what have been taken away from several Friends in our parts for not Training and for the Priest as far as we can be Informed but for the most part they put the Priests wages into the Country Taxes soe that its obscure to Friends what hey take per Pole for the Priest our Friends in the upper part of Virginia did determine with us at our last yearly meeting to wright unto you, who can give a larger accot of what hath been taken away from them then we can - soe Dear friends we Recommend to you our well beloved Friends Jame Dickinson and Jacob Fallowfield, who can Inform you at large of the affaires of Truth who has been true labourers in the Gospel of Christ Jesus in these American parts, whos ministry hath had greaty audience and we believe hath taken deep impression upon the hearts & spiriets of many People, God Grant that it may be for their Eternal Good. Soe hopeing we may hear from you as formerly and that we may Receive your yearly papers and those that are wanting because we would keep them together in a Book for future Good. Soe we Recommend our dear loves to all Friends in General and Rest your Loving friends in the Truth.
Thomas Jordan the "Quaker" # 1086 views>From our Quarterly meeting held at Thos. Tooks in Isle of Wight County in Virginia the 11, 1 mo, 1696/7. Signed by order of said meeting - By Thos. Jordan"

Thomas was not the last Jordan to be good with words as is demonstrated by the following written by Joseph Jordan, a great grandson of Thomas on the occasion of his freeing his slaves. I feel certain that Joseph had been to law school. The following is from "Southern Quakers and Slavery"

"I Joseph Jordan of Northhamton County in North Carolina from mature deliberate consideration and the convictions of my own mind being fully persuaded that freedom is the natural right of all mankind, and that no law moral nor devine has given me a just right to or property in the persons of any of my fellow creatures, and being desirous to fulfill the injunction of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, by doing to others as I would be done by,

do therefore declare, that having under my care a number of negros named and aged as follows [the names and ages are here inserted] I do for myself my heirs Executors and adninistrators, hereby release unto as many of them as are come of age, men twenty one, and woman eighteen, all my right interest and claim or pretensions of claim whatsoever, as to their persons or ant estate they may hereafter acquire, and those now under age to partake of the same liberty and estate as they come to the ages as above written without any interruption from me or any person claiming for, by, from or under me. In witness thereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this tenth day of the eighth month in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty four."
Thomas Jordan the "Quaker" # 1191 viewsWhile Thomas was a good person, probably the greatest influence for the family came from Margaret, who must have been a very strong woman. She was extremely well thought of in the colony and by her family. The following is from "The Valentine Papers" and is the testimony of Benjamin Jordan concerning his mothers death.

"Margaret Jordan the Daughter of Robert Brashare was Bom in the seventh mo. of the year 1642 and was Convinced of the Truth about the 16 year of her age from weh time she lived and exemplary life in all Conversation until the day of her death and was a sufferer with my father both by Confinement and alsoe the spoiling of their Goods by the Adversaries of Truth for the exercise of their concience in the worship of God whose hearts was Given up in the service of Truth according to her Ability, shee was a good wife A tender And A careful mother A Good minister and a kind neighbor And aboute the 63 year of her Age she was taken with and Indisposition of Boddy wch Continued near 3 years in wch time shee was much weakened by Reason of her distemper & A little before her death some friends Come to see her to whome shee signified her Content & spake much to them of the Goodness of God to her & sd shee Questioned not of her salvation & upon A first day of the weeke being the fifth of the month shee spoke o mee and sd that their was A Time for her to die & that was her Time & Itt was Come. And on the Third day of the weeke as I was standing by her to see her last end shee Called mee by my name And sd I am Gone. I answered & sd I thought she would go to God, she Answered with Achearfulil & a smiling Countenancenl do not doubt that And sd Rememb. my love to All friends & unto my Children And tell them that they fear God And love one Another And keep to Meetings And then itt will be well with them And bad mee send for my Eldest Brothers wife to whome when shee came and severall of my Brothers shee sd to them that they weare Come to now to see her Last End And att 6 of the clock att night she died in Remarkable Quiteness the 7 day of the 10 mo in the year 1708 having Lived About 66 years And survived my father 9 years lacking eighteen hours and was Buried the 11 day of the aforesd Mo. Benu Jordan Testimony Concer. his Mother.
Thomas Jordan the "Quaker" # 1276 viewsJoseph Glasister, who was another Quaker leader wrote the following concerning Margaret. This is taken from "The Valentine Papers", and is the testimony of Joseph Glasister

"Iff the Righteous bee had in Everlasting Rememberence And that noe man shutt a Door in the House of the Lord nor Kindle a fire upon his Alter nor Give A cup of Cold water to aA disciple of Xt In The name of A Disciple but shall have a Plentiful Reward att the hand of the Pure Rightous Living Eternall God how then shall they Bee wrapt up in Eternall Joy And Consulation as the Recompence of the Just that I lath served the Lord with their All openning their doors & hearts to faithful messengers & living ministers of our Lord And Saviour Jesus Xt doeing what they doe as unto God & not unto Man knowing that of him they have their Reward amongst the number of those servants of the Lord And Church of Xt was our well Esteemed and servicable friend Margaret Jordan decesed one wl loe fulfilled that saying Cast your Bread upon the waters for After Many daies you shall find itt noe Question of her Reaping of the Fruits of her Labors having her mind steadfastly Bent to doe good in her day shee Continued in Great service unto the Church untill her last In this Low worreld And being Taken from her service hear as well as from All trouble that did or might Attend her Earthly Pilgrimage shee is Entered Into that Rest & Peace that Time will never wear out were shee will have a Plentiful & A peacable Reward & as itt was Commended to the Church as vertues Xt of God Comanding to minister to the saints to wash their feet And dilligently to followevery Good worke wch service I doe desire may bee studied By all that In the Eye of God will be more Esteemed & Render men more happy as they dilligently follow every Good worke then all woreldly Honers Can Render them Naansemond the 29 of the 3 mo. 1709. Joseph Glaister."
Margaret Brasseur119 viewsMargaret Brasseur* b. 17 Jul 1642 Isle of Wight Co., VA*@ d. 7 Dec 1706 Chuckatuck Par., Nansamond Co., VA m. Thomas Fleming Jordan, JR. c1658 , (1634-1699) "she became an ardent Quaker"*
Margaret Brashare was one of the first known converts to Quakerism in the Virginia colony. She was born in 1642. She became a Quakeress when she was sixteen in the year 1658. Soon after her marriage in 1660, her husband, Thomas, also converted to the faith: "in ye yeare 1660 hee received ye truth and Abode faithful in it.
Margaret BRASSEUR was born Sep 1642 in Chuckatuck, Nansemond, Virginia, and died 7 Dec 1708 in Chuckatuck, Nansemond, Virginia. She was buried 11 Dec 1708 in Chuckatuck, Nansemond, Virginia. She was the daughter of 6. Robert BRASSEUR and 7. Elizabeth FOWKE.
HOPEWELL87 viewsHOPEWELL was the first Quaker meeting established in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. It was originally known as Opeckan and was set off from the Concord Quarterly Meeting of Pennsylvania in 1734. The actual date of first settlement is thought to be around 1730. The meeting house is located about 6 miles north of Winchester, Frederick Co., Virginia.
117 viewsThomas Jordan was born about 1600 in England. He arrived in Jamestowne, Virginia on the ship Diana in 1623/24. He was a soldier in the Governor's Guard at James City in 1624, and represented the Isle of Wight County in the Virginia House of Burgess in 1628, 1629, 1632. Thomas received a Patent for 900 acres in 1635 near the head of the Warrasquioake River. His wife is not known. Thomas had two children, Dorothy and Thomas, Jr.

Thomas Jordan, Jr. was born in 1634 in Nansemond County, Virginia. He married Margaret Brasseur, daughter of Robert Brasseur. Thomas became a Quaker and in 1660,
"Received the truth after which he abode full faith in it".
(Adventurers of Purse and Person, 1987, page 380.)
Thomas owned 200 acres in Nansemond County, and died in 1699. (The Brasseur's were a Huguenot family.)

Quoted from Adventurers of Purse and Person, 1987, page 380.... "The Jordans became the leading family of Quakers in the Isle of Wight and Nansemond Counties and their tribulations under the Virginia legislative enactment of 1662 for suppression of the Sect are well recounted in the Quaker records".
Thomas Jordan the "Quaker"119 viewsThomas Jordan, Jr. was born July 7 1635 and died in Chuckatuck Parish, Nansemond County, Virginia. He became a Quaker. In Sept 1664 he was imprisoned for six months for holding a Quaker meeting at his own home. Released by the king's proclamation, he was taken again and bound over to the court. He refused to swear and was sent to Jamestown as a prisoner for ten months. The sheriff confiscated some of his servants, cattle, and household effects, which were valued at the time at 9,000 pounds of tobacco.
He was a Burgess from Nansemond County, VA serving in 1696-97.
He married Margaret Brashere in 1659, the daughter of Robert Brashere of Huguenot decent.
He was the first Quaker of his family and became very prominent in that faith. He had ten sons, some of whom became Quaker ministers, and two daughters. All his children were born in Nansemond County, Virginia.
Thomas Jordan was probably the most influential Quaker in lower Virginia119 viewsHinshaw's ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN QUAKER GENEALOGY notes, "Thomas Jordan was probably the most influential Quaker in lower Virginia being a man of position and substance."
In 1661, he was held, as he writes, "in six weeks imprisonment for being taken at a meeting at my own house and released by the King's proclamation." The latter royal intervention speaks of the influence of the Jordan family in both Virginia and in England.
In the same year, Thomas Jordan also "suffered" the following abuses for his Quaker beliefs: ". . . for being taken at a meeting at Robert Lawrence's and bound over to the court of Nansemond for refusing to swear according to their wills and against the commands of Christ, was sent up to Jamestown a prisoner for upwards of ten months. Presently John Blake took away my three servants and left my wife in a distressed condition with a young child at her breast . . . which servant was kept nine weeks and released by order of the Governor. There was taken by John Blake, sheriff of Nansemond, two feather beds, two feather bolsters, and furniture which together with other goods amounted to 3,907 lbs. tobacco and also a serving man who had three years to serve. There was taken by Thomas Godwin, sheriff, ten head of cattle amounting to 5,507 lbs." This testimonial was signed, "Thomas Jordan, Chuckatuck, 1st month, 1661."
Notes for MARGARET BRASSEUR:181 viewsHis daughter Margrett (Margaret) was not named in the patent ofherfatherRobert, alth o u g h she was born in 1642. At the age of sixteen,oraboutthree years after the family arr i v e d in Nansemond, shejoinedtheSociety of Friends, the Quakers. She married Thomas Jor d a n ,aprominentQuaker of Isle of Wight, Virginia.
Below are two recorded instances of the sheriffs persecutionofMargaretBrasseur Jordan:
Nansemond, 1701: Margaret Jordan the Elder, widow, on the 25th dayofthefirst mont h h a d a h undred and twenty lb. of tobacco takenbydistressfrom her upon account of the prie s t s due s by GeorgeNoseworthy,HighSheriff. April the 10th: 1702: Then seized one hogshe a d of tobaccoweighing gross 830: tare 75 of Mis Margaret Jordan, senior,forpriestsdues an d C hu rc h Rates in full [] seized by me, John King
A memorial tribute to Margrett, written by her son, reads as follows:
Margaret Jordan, the daughter of Robert Brasseur, was born the 7thmonthinthe year 16 4 2 a n d was convinced of the Truth about 16 years ofage,fromwhich time she served an exempl a r y l ife in all herconversationuntilthe day of her death and was a sufferer with my fathe r b ot hbyconfinement and the spoiling of their goods by the AdversariesoftheTruth. Sh e w a s a g ood wife and also a kind neighbor. About 63yearsofage she was taken with a dispos iti o n o f the body whichcontinuednearthree years in which time she was much weakened. A lit t l ebef oreherdeath some friends came to see her to whom she signified hercontentandspak e m u ch o f the goodness of God to her. At 6 oclock atnight shediedin remarkable quietness t h e s eve nth of the tenth month inthe year1708having lived about 66 years and survived my fa t he r ab out 9yearslacking18 hours and was buried the 11th day of the aforesaid month.
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